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Parkview Panthers Playing Baseball at the College Level

Player Name       PHS Class Year                  College or University  


Dobbs Bowden                       2021                          Emmanuel College (Franklin Springs, Georgia) 
Mason Brown                          2021                         Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, Georgia) 
Ethan Lail                                 2021                           Piedmont College (Demorest, Georgia) 
Cade Sadler                             2021                            Walters State Community College (Morristown, Tennesse)
Sam Smith                                2021                           Northwest Florida State College (Niceville, Florida) 
Dylan Speakman                      2021                          South Georgia State College (Douglas, Georgia)
Ryan Spikes                              2021                          University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee)
Bryson Stripling                       2021                           Morehead State University (Morehead, Tennessee)
Jack Davis                                 2020                          University of North Georiga (Dahlonega, Georiga)

Miles Garrett                              2020                          Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee) 

Pascanel Ferreras                     2020                          Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, North Carolina)

Jonathan Ponder                      2020                           Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georiga)

Xander Stephens                      2020                           Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta Georgia)

Graham Yntema                        2020                          Lawson State Community College (Birmingham, Alabama)

Koby Ayala                                2019                          Lawson State Community College (Birmingham, Alabama)

Quinton Cochran                       2019                          LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Allan Del Castillo                       2019                          Pensacola State College (Pensacola, Florida)

Drew DeMasi                             2019                          LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Jonathan French                        2019                          Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina)

Stephen Hrustich                       2019                           Northwestern University (Evanston, Illionis) 

Mauri Miller                                 2019                         University of Pikeville (Pikeville, Kentucky)

Will Parker                                  2019                         Northwest Florida State College (Niceville, Georgia)

Makenzie Pate                          2019                          Coastal Carolina University (Conway, South Carolina)

Cameron Orr                             2019                           LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Brad Stanley                              2019                          University of West Georgia (Carrollton, Georgia)

Robert Bennett                           2018                         Chipola College ( Marianna, Florida)

Michael Bryant                           2018                         Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, Georgia)

Isaiah Byars                               2018                         University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Logan Cerny                              2018                          Troy University (Troy, Alabama)

Jarrett Embry                             2018                          Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia) 

Braden Hays                              2018                          Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, Georgia)

Chris Jernigan                            2018                          Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Ben Markiewicz                         2018                           Augusta University (Augusta, Georgia) 

Mason Bernard                          2017                          Chattahoochee Valley Community College (Phenix City, Alabama)

Will Boles                                 2017                           Gordon State College (Barnesville, Georgia)

Cody Collett                              2017                          University of North Georgia (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Joey DeMasi                             2017                          University of North Georgia (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Caleb Mitchell                           2017                          Mercer University (Macon, Georgia)

Jacob O'Neil                              2017                          University of North Georgia (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Melvin Teague                            2017                         Georgia Highlands College (Cartersville, Georgia)

Evan  Bensch                            2016                          Truett McConnell University (Cleveland, Georgia) 

Austin Biggar                             2016                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Will Ethridge                               2016                         University of Mississippi (Oxford, Mississippi)

Garrett Fowler                             2016                        Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Brian Kregel                               2016                          Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)

Trevor Brown                               2015                        Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, Georgia)

Schyler Chapman                      2015                         Birmingham Southern College (Birmingham, Alabama)

Daino Deas                                 2015                         Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama)

David Draper                              2015                         Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Brandon Hill                               2015                        Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Andrew Dorminey                     2014                        Special Recognition: National Guard

Jim Wagner                               2014                        Georgia Regents (Augusta, Georgia)

Christian Vann                          2014                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Mac Marshall                            2014                        Chipola (Marianna, Florida)

Jordan Kelly                              2014                        Georgia Regents (Augusta, Georgia)

Isiah Gilliam                              2014                        Chipola (Marianna, Florida)

Michael Craig                            2014                        Piedmont College (Demorest, Georgia)

JP Chamblee                             2014                       Berry College (Rome, Georgia)

Rob Youngblood                       2013                        University of South Carolina Aiken (Aiken, South Carolina)

Ryan Blanton                             2013                        Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Jack Hipple                                2013                        LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Jarrett Hood                               2013                        Jacksonville State University (Jacksonville, Alabama)

Zach Langley                             2013                         Piedmont College (Demorest, Georgia)

Hunter Thornton                        2013                         Mercer Univeristy (Macon, Georgia)

Edwin Arias                               2012                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

A.J. Davis                                  2012                         Georgia Gwinnett College (Lawrenceville, Georgia)

Jack Esmonde                           2012                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Jesse Foster                              2012                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Jeff Ronpirin                               2012                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Marquis Webb                            2011                         Texas Southern University (Houston, Texas)

Brooks Davis                              2011                         Piedmont College (Demorest, Georgia)

Zack Reinstein                           2011                         Gordon College (Barnsville, Georgia)

Phillip Taylor                              2011                          North Georgia College (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Travis Naraine                            2011                          North Georgia College (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Brandon Kregel                         2010                          Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Kenny Miller                              2010                          Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Kyle Nerbonne                           2010                          LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Menelik Vereen                          2010                          Augusta State University (Augusta, Georgia)

Austin Wheeler                          2010                          University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Kenny Bellavance                     2009                         North Georgia College (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Max Caron                                 2009                         Piedmont College (Demorest, Georgia)

Matt Foster                                2009                         Volunteer State (Gallatin, Tennessee)

Michael Frazier                          2009                         Berry College (Rome, Georgia)

Jordan McCoy                            2009                         Central Alabama (Alexander City, Alabama)

Zack Olson                                2009                         Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Zach Cone                                 2008                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Bronson Gagner                         2008                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Tom Richardson                         2008                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Theo Asher                                2007                         Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Zach Chastain                            2007                         Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Curtis Keegan                            2007                         Valdosta State University (Valdosta, Georgia)

Zack Kilday                                2007                         South Georgia College (Douglas, Georgia)

Austin Palmer                            2007                         South Georgia College (Douglas, Georgia)

Blake Pockrandt                         2007                         Augusta State University (Augusta, Georgia)

Craig Brisson                             2006                         North Georgia College (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Steve Esmonde                          2006                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Tristan Farrell                             2006                         Chattahoochee Valley and University of Alabama at Birmingham (Birmingham, Alabama)

K.D.  Kang                                 2006                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Michael Langley                          2006                        Mercer Univeristy (Macon, Georgia)

Stephen McCray                        2006                         Young Harris College and University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Gator Parker                              2006                         Georgia College and State University (Milledgeville, Georgia)

Scott Steele                               2006                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Jarrett Coker                              2005                         Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Josh Hooper                               2005                         Birmingham Southern College (Birmingham, Alabama)

Nathan Moreau                           2005                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

David Reynolds                           2005                         Valdosta State University (Valdosta, Georgia)

Anthony Carter                            2004                        Georgia Perimeter College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Chris Marler                                2004                         Georgia College and State University (Milledgeville, Georgia)

Barrett Shaft                               2004                         Western Carolina University (Cullowhee, North Carolina)

David Brown                               2003                         Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Nolan Childers                            2003                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Nick Drescher                            2003                          LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Tim Gustafson                            2003                         Georgia Technical Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)

Matt Knight                                2003                         Davidson College (Davidson, North Carolina)

Matt Raettig                               2003                         Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Andrew Greene                           2002                         Furman University (Greenville, South Carolina)

Billy Howard                               2002                         University of Georgia and Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

D. J.  King                                  2002                         Chattahoochee Valley (Phenix City, Alabama)

Kurt McKee                                2002                         Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Chris Anderson                           2001                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Clint Sammons                           2001                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Jimmy Whitlock                          2001                         Georgia Perimeter College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Blake Williams                           2001                         Georgia Perimeter College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Chris Jobes                               1999                           North Georgia College (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Craig Willingham                        1999                          Georgia College and State University (Milledgeville, Georgia)

Eddie Campbell                          1998                          Dekalb Central College and Georgia College and State University (Milledgeville, Georgia)

Matt Cavender                            1998                          University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Jeff Keppinger                             1998                          University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Scott Murphy                              1998                         University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia) and University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Jason Boswell                             1997                         Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Brad Bouras                                1997                         Columbus College (Columbus, Georgia)

Billy Keppinger                            1997                         Cumberland College and Lake City Community College (Lake City, Florida)

John Miniscalco                          1997                         Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Matt Poyner                                1997                         Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Brian Gilbreath                            1996                         Columbus College (Columbus, Georgia)

Ryan Ledden                               1996                        Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Ben Sheeter                                1996                        Georgia Technical Institute and Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Caleb Smith                                1996                        Gardner Webb (boiling Springs, North Carolina)

Michael Buist                              1995                        California Junior College

Michael Dartt                              1995                         University of Hawaii

Micah Davis                                1995                         Brewton Parker College (Mount Vernon, Georgia)

Bobby McDonald                         1995                        Valdosta State University (Valdosta, Georgia)

Jason Sammons                          1995                        Furman University (Greenville, South Carolina)

Rich Wiley                                  1995                        Georgia State University and Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

George Jones                              1994                        Auburn University and East Tennessee State (Johnson City, Tennessee)

Reid Hodges                               1993                        Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Jay Jackson                                1993                        Young Harris College (Young Harris, Georgia)

Matt Mathews                             1993                        Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Tom Neville                                 1993                        Georgia Southern University (Statesboro, Georgia)

Kyle O'Neil                                  1993                        Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Keith Thurman                             1993                        Young Harris College (Young Harris, Georgia)

Patrick Case                               1992                        Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Jeff Roesler                                 1992                        University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Chris Sammons                           1992                        Kennesaw State University (Kennesaw, Georgia)

Jared Sustakovitch                       1992                        Andrew Junior College

Andy Yanzetich                           1992                        West Georgia College, Middle Georgia College and Dekalb Central College

Gary Cantrell                               1991                        Oglethorpe University (Atlanto, Georgia)

David Cloud                                 1991                        Berry College (Rome, Georgia)

Bryan Sansbury                           1991                        Berry College (Rome, Georgia)

Brett Thees                                  1991                       Columbus State University and Gordon College (Barnsville, Georgia)

Robbie Hamlet                             1990                       Gordon College (Barnsville, Georgia)

Dustin Longenecker                      1990                       West Georgia College, Columbus State College and Gordon Community College

Doug Markott                               1990                       Emory University and (Atlanta, Georgia)

Jimbo Poyner                               1990                       Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Anthony Leatherwood                   1989                       Georgia College and State University (Milledgeville, Georgia)

Craig Manning                              1989                      Columbus State University and Kennesaw State University

Jamie Miller                                  1989                      Augusta State University and Gordon Community College

Jeff Peoples                                 1989                     West Georgia College (Carrollton, Georgia)

Kendall Rhine                               1989                      University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia)

Jeff Griswold                                1988                      Barton Community College and University of Kentucky (Lexington, Kentucky)

Chess Duckett                             1987                     Dekalb Central College and Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia)

Tim Johnson                                1987                     Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Vince Massey                              1987                    Columbus State University and Middle Georgia Junior College (Cochran, Georgia)

Michael Thees                             1987                     Columbus State University and Gordon College (Barnsville, Georgia)

Kenny Yanzetich                          1987                     Piedmont College (Demorest, Georgia)

Jimmy Cannon                             1986                     Shelton State Community College (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Steve Scarborough                       1986                     Middle Georgia Junior College and Brewton Parker College (Mount Vernon, Georgia)

Bo Armistead                               1985                     Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Scott Malone                               1985                      Mercer Univeristy (Macon, Georgia)

Tim Morris                                   1985                      Southern Technical College (Marietta, Georgia)

Alan Cape                                   1984                      Georgia Technical Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)

Damon Gaubert                           1984                      Columbus State University and Dekalb South College (Atlanta, Georgia)

Scott Genung                              1984                      LaGrange College (LaGrange, Georgia)

Steve Green                                1984                      Georgia Technical Institute and Clemson University (Clemson, South Carolina)

Mike Pope                                  1984                       Abraham Baldwin Junior College (Tifton, Georgia)

Damon Santimauro                      1984                      Kennesaw State University and Young Harris College (Young Harris, Georgia)

Mark Shaw                                  1984                     Georgia Technical Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)

Brad Calhoun                               1983                    Gordon College (Barnsville, Georgia)

Jim Epler                                     1983                     Middle Georgia Junior College and Appalachian State (Boone, North Carlolina)

Barry Hyatt                                  1983                     University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee)

Doug Jones                                  1983                    Mercer Univeristy (Macon, Georgia)      

Jeff McCullough                            1983                    Georgia Southwestern (Americus, Georgia)

Mike Quinley                                1983                    Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Greg Watson                                1983                    Mercer Univeristy (Macon, Georgia)  

Greg Norris                                   1982                    Memphis Sate University (Memphis, Tennessee)

Ronny Wilson                               1981                    Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Randy Clark                                 1979                    Dekalb Central College (Atlanta, Georgia)

David Lipo                                    1979                    Philadelphia College of Pharmacy (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Chuck Matthews                          1979                    Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Steve Watts                                1979                     Georgia Technical Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)

Phillip Green                               1978                     Mercer University (Atlanta, Georgia)

Ricky Phillips                              1978                    Georgia Technical Institute (Atlanta, Georgia)

Ken Comer                                  1977                    Elon University (Elon, North Carolina)